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Grow Green CocopeatThe Company was founded due to the foresight and long term vision of its founders Mr.Sheik Mujipur Rahman and Mr.Karthikeyan. and It's a partnership concern. The Proprietor had seen an immense future growth of coir related products and services and started making products to serve the local as well as International Read More..

Progression of Cocopeat

Biodegradable Cocopeat

Cocopeat is also known as Coir pith, Coir Fiber pith, Coir dust. It is used as a solid additive, due to low level of nutrition content in the Cocopeat it is mixed with nutrients and used as growing medium for plants.

Advantages of Coco Peat

Excellent water retention properties. Cocopeat needs less watering (up to 65%) as compared to the peat moss. It holds water rather than shedding it like the traditional peat moss. The rapid re-wet ability and quick draining characteristic of Cocopeat also reduces the loss of nutrients through leaching. The pH content of Cocopeat is neutral to slightly acidic, and is therefore very beneficial for plants. The coconut peat is a better natural soil conditioner; it prevents the hardening of potting soil and increases soil porosity.

Coco Peat

Cocopeat is a natural fibre made out of coconut husks.

Coir Fiber

Coir Fiber is derived as a byproduct in the process of fiber extraction..

Curled Coir Rope

The Curled Coir is highly regraded for it's strength and durability.


Grow Bags

A grow bag is a plastic bag containing sufficient amount of sterile..

Coco bales

These Bales consist of lesser compressed & easy to loosen up..

Oil Spillage Bags

Our range of oil spillage bags are available in a variety of..