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Cocopeat Manufacturer

Natural soil conditioner enrich the soils in your garden with the coco garden coco peat block. If gardening is a hobby of yours and you spend a lot of time tending to your plants, then this block is a must-have. Weighing 4.5kg, this coco peat block provides just the right amount of a 100 percent natural product, which is useful for healthy plant growth. All you have to do to use this soil conditioner is place it in a bucket and add about 22 to 25 liters of water. Then simply wait until the block expands and slowly stir it until the soil loosens. After this, the product will be ready for you to use. Enables healthy growth you can use this coco peat powder for various gardening activities. Whether your interest lies in horticulture or floriculture, this soil will prove useful for just about any type of plants, being a very handy medium for the germination of seeds.

Coir / Coco Peat is the best alternative to mined peat moss. Coco/ Coir is a proven natural alternative to mined peat moss, therefore using it helps slow down peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps worldwide. Used as a growing medium/potting medium coco peat out performs most of the poppular brands of peat and sphagnum peat.

Benefits of Coir / Coco peat:

  • High water holding capacity
  • Acceptable pH & EC
  • Excellent wet abillity, superior to peat
  • Ability to retain nutrients against leaching and to buffer supply
  • Unique water holding capacity
  • Good Drainage / Aeration
  • Less Shrinkage
  • Retains physical properties longer
  • Light weight
  • No pests, weeds or diseases
  • Odorless and pleasant to handle
  • Natural and Renewable resource
  • Uniform in composition
  • 100% Organic
  • Promotes strong root growth and plant vigor
  • Absorbs water readily and re-wets easily, thus reducing the need for wetting agents.
  • Reduces watering frequency without plant stree, thereby reducing labour costs and minimizing plant loss.
  • Increases shelf life of plants
  • Slow breakdown of material means product will not shrink during your growing cycle
  • High water holding capacity while still maintaining excellent drainage and aeration

Coco peat Application

  • Potting Mixes
  • Green Houses
  • Hydroponics growing media
  • Nursery & Garden Center professionals
  • Seeding Nurseries
  • Lawn and Golf Courses
  • Horticulture and Floriculture Applications
  • Home Gardening(Indoor and Outdoor) and for Landscaping use
  • Amending clay soils
  • Worm bedding

Raw Materials

Raw Material   Coir Fiber Pith(Cocopeat0) 100% Coir pith (0.5 cm to 6 cm)
Sieving   Sieved between 1mm and 6mm sieve.
Particles below 1mm rejected.
Drying   Sun Drying and Sterilization
Moisture Content   Between 15 to 20%
pH   5.5 to 6.8
Electrical   Less than 1000uS
Conductivity   (1:1.5 dilution method)

It can also be used to improve the health of grass or other plants in parks, gardens and golf courses. This coconut peat block has the capacity to retain a high amount of moisture, which in turn helps with water conservation. Providing extra aeration to the roots, it helps promotes healthy growth. The fact that it is resistant to harmful bacteria and fungus is just another wonderful benefit. Product features brand: Coco garden type: Soil conditioner weight: 4.5kg, expandable up to 75 liters uses: Potting mix for all types of indoor and outdoor plants, soil conditioner for planting beds benefits: Conserves water, promotes healthy plant growth, improves soil quality, resistant to bacteria and fungus.

Cocopeat 5Kg Block

Cocopeat 5Kg Block 650grm Briquette
Weight 5Kg +/- 0.3 Kg 650grm +/- 30gm
Size 30 x 30 x 13 cm 20 x 10 x 5 cm
Expanded Volume Ltr 70 to 80 9 to 10
Compression Ratio 5:1 8:1
Expanded Volume 13 to 15 lit / Kg 13 to 14 lit / Kg
Wrapping Un-wrapped Un-wrapped
Packing 220Nos per pallet 1920 Nos per pallet
Loading Capacity (40Ft HC Container) Cartons,
Palletized / Stretch Wrapped,
20 Pallets / 22 MT 20 Pallets / 22 MT

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